Charming Hotel Andalusia

Our History

Ancient History speaks in this Rural Hotel 

The name of our Casa, La Caracola, reminds of the  cries with which the hounds were and are still called during the hunt that is so tipical for this region.  The building has been restored in its original Andalusian architectural structure, with its wooden beams, thick and white walls, forged bars and original floors and rooftops. Our rural hotel is in het center of an estate of in total 70.000 square meters of beautiful gardens and abundant Mediterranian forests. Formerly it was the property of Jaime de Foxá  who has written numerous articles and stories about the richess of the Nature Park of Andújar and its hunt. 

This is La Caracola Today

The La Caracola Family has found a beautiful way to keep the ancient character of the rural hotel, but with a more contemporary touch. They have given the hotel a beating heart. They would like you to feel at home in their beautiful hotel in the South of Spain. 

In 'La Caracola' you will find 7 double rooms with double bed or 2 single beds, each with its own bathroom.

You will also find a living room with a big fire place for romantic evenings in Autumn and Winter, a dining room, a beautiful terrace shadowed by palmtrees and pine trees and a refreshing swimming pool.

Please let us surprise you culinary with our local dishes and an extensive breakfast.

Rural Hotel Andalusia
Pet Friendly Hotel Andalusia
Pet Friendly Hotel Andalusia

Since our Dogs are part of our Family too, we welcome your Pets.