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Romería Andújar
Romería de Andújar

La Romería

The Holy Shrine of the "Virgen de la Cabeza" is found in the heart of the Parque Natural Sierra de Andújar. 

The Pilgrimage (La Romería) of Andújar is celebrated on the last Sunday of April. It is the oldest pilgrimage in Spain and this celebration is known and well-liked throughout the whole of Spain and even abroad. It celebrates the apparition of the Virgen to the shepard Juan Alonso de Rivas, curing him of a crippeled arm, telling him to build a shrine in her honour in the convent of Cabezo (the place of her apparition), which took place on the 11 and 12 of August in the year 1227. Every year it is celebrated by thousands of people; locals, Spaniards and foreigners.

Feria Andújar

Feria de Septiembre

In the Year 1801 the City of Andújar was granted the privilege by the King Carlos IV, of organizing a great festival, which endured for 6 days, and was to be celebrated in the last fourtnight of September. During the first 3 days of the festival the people were told to have a sell of clothes and other merchandize and the rest of these days was to be used to find any other type of income. Today the Feria is celebrated between the 7 and 12 of September and is one of the biggest in the whole region.  


Semana Santa

The Semana Santa is the holy week before Easter. It is celebrated by catholics all over Spain. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Saint Euphrasia, deciple of the apostle James is the patron of Andújar. In Andújar there is a relic ot Saint Euphrasia. On the 15th of May of every year the patron is honoured and the relic is carried in the main streets of the city of Andújar followed by numerous admirers and devouts. 

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